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Google is redesigning Gmail to streamline the user experience

Use Gmail as your primary email client? There are some great things on the horizon!

gmail update
Image: Unsplash

Google is expected to implement new design changes within Gmail for all users within the next couple weeks. The new Gmail redesign will include new features like smart replies, snooze, and a complete design overhaul.

Images were leaked through Imgur and The Verge, with both showing what the new design will look like. At this time, it doesn’t seem like the new design is drastically different, but instead includes a large amount of “quality of life” improvements, streamlining the experience for users. It looks like Google is following the crowd and taking advantage of the Material Design philosophy that Android currently uses. The new design features new icons along with a flatter, bolder layout. Overall, it seems like Google is trying to simplify the layout for easier navigation.

Image: The Verge

The new design will feature three layout options: default, comfort, and compact. The default layout highlights details and attachments, comfort keeps highlights hidden, and compact is comparable to the current Gmail design. On the bottom of your email with the new design, there will also be “smart replies.” Smart replies offer suggestions for quick one-line replies within emails. There is also an option to have your sidebar on the opposite side of your email, which will allow users to use Google Keep or Google Calendar on the Gmail platform. Google has been trying to implement their entire ecosystem for some time now, and this design is a good step in the right direction for Gmail users. With the new design, the process of using Google Calander and Gmail together is simple.

Image: The Verge

The Verge claims that the new Gmail design is being worked on internally at Google, along with a small group of outsiders/testers. Google already pushed a huge update for Google Calander last October, so it makes sense that they are looking to redesign their other apps.

Questions still remain on what this will mean for Google Inbox and if that is no longer a priority.

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