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Google is revamping the Chrome logo for the first time in nearly a decade

The changes are subtle, but designers say they make a difference.

new google chrome logo
Image: Elvin Hu / Twitter

To further prove my case that time isn’t real, Google is changing the Chrome logo for the first time in eight years. Please explain to me how it seems that Google just changed to its 2014 design recently, but 2014 also feels like an eternity ago?

The answer is simple, it’s a damn temporal paradox. But because I’m neither smart enough nor have the time to go down that wormhole, let’s just focus on the news: Google is updating the Chrome logo with the release of Chrome Canary.

Shown off in a tweet by Chrome designer Elvin Hu, you can see the differences for yourself below:

Hu explains in the Twitter thread that Google wanted to modernize its Chrome logo to be more in line with its current branding. This included removing the shadows where the colors changed and brightening the colors used.

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The designer also notes that there is a very subtle gradient within each color to help with the transition from green to red, as certain shades created an “unpleasant color vibration.” The Chrome logo was also redesigned for Apple products to fit more with other standard icons those users see.

Overall, it’s a really interesting thread that gives you an insight into how and why brands make changes to their iconic logos. Make sure to read through the thread if that is something that interests you.

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