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HappyKids is a safe and free streaming app for families and kids

As HappyKids celebrates its 10th anniversary, it stands as a testament to the platform’s dedication to providing safe, enjoyable, and educational content for kids and families to stream together.

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Image: Happy Kids

Over the past few years, family streaming content has surged in popularity, making co-viewing a favorite pastime for many households.

With a plethora of streaming services, parents and children have an endless array of shows and movies to enjoy together.

As the leader in kids’ streaming content, HappyKids proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The platform offers a diverse range of educational and entertaining shows and movies catering to children of all ages.

However, HappyKids features a blend of popular shows and movies, as well as hidden gems that the whole family can enjoy.

The image is showing a list of options related to minecraft, such as exploring interesting gaming adventures, creating and surviving in the real world, and watching top 10 minecraft vlogs and episodes. Full text: ge happykids · options minecraft explore interesting gaming adventures on minecraft! Discover a new dimension of minecraft as you create, explore and survive in the real world. Recently watched 1 of 20 minecraft survive & thrive ecraft fun vlogs top 10 top 10 ryan kid city ninja kidz! 122 kids tv friends new episodes
Image: HappyKids

The platform boasts favorites like Cocomelon, Lego, Mattel, My Little Pony, and Transformers, along with recent additions like Transformers Prime & Rescue Bots, Ricky Zoom, Geronimo Stilton, and more.

These shows not only entertain but also impart essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and socialization.

Parents can trust HappyKids to provide age-appropriate content for their children, as the service enforces a strict policy against violence, inappropriate language, or themes.

Additionally, parents can also create individual profiles for each child, ensuring they only access content suited to their age group.

Co-viewing, or watching content together, has become increasingly popular on streaming platforms. A HappyKids survey found that 94% of parents reported co-viewing more content with their children in the past year.

In this image, children are being asked to select a content group from a list of 12 options. Full text: be happykids please select a content group 4 of 12 leap! Space dogs sc-alom's special mermaids taler pinkfong. Baby shark's doctor space adventure squish movies & tv popular with popular with girls tweens minecraft and boys 6-9 6-9 gaming
Image: HappyKids

Furthermore, this shared experience presents a chance for parents to bond with their kids and engage in meaningful discussions about the shows and movies they watch.

HappyKids is the perfect co-viewing companion, offering shows and movies designed for the whole family’s enjoyment.

Whether it’s sharing “Sesame Street” with younger kids or exploring “The Magic School Bus” with older ones, HappyKids has something for everyone.

Thus, the rise of family streaming content in recent years has been fueled by a desire for quality family time.

This image is showing a list of different types of movies and tv shows that are appropriate for different age groups. Full text: ap! Kids movies & tv 0 - 2 years mermaids ging-along movi 2 - 4 years 4-6 years popular with boys 6-9 popular with girls 6-9 tweens gaming videos k hurleya skip
Image: Happy Kids

As HappyKids celebrates its 10th anniversary, it stands as a testament to the platform’s dedication to providing safe, enjoyable, and educational content for kids and families to stream together.

To download HappyKids, visit HappyKids is available on Roku, FireTV, iOS and Android, and all other leading streaming platforms.

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