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Hatch Baby is launching three new products; Listen, Grow and Rest

Hatch Baby is adding three unique products to their smart nursery line.


Hatch Baby is adding three unique products to their smart nursery line. 

Hatch Baby, a company featured on a nail-biting episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, is increasing their number of products this week. Hatch’s three contemporary products are controlled through a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms and are all unique in their own way. The app can also be connected to a newborn’s pediatrician.

Hatch’s first product is their patented Smart Changing Pad. The Smart Changing Pad, which is priced under $300, is controlled by the same app the up to date products will use. It will show the infant’s weight, height and the parents can heat the pad so the baby can feel more comfortable while their bottoms are being cleaned up.


Hatchbaby listen

Hatch Baby Listen is going to give expecting mothers and fathers a chance to hear their child. Listen uses a wireless fetal Doppler that picks up heartbeats from soon-to-be-born children. There is an option for parents to put headphones in to hear their children themselves. Listen also comes with the option to save recordings and share them on social media. Naturally.

Check out the video below to learn more:


Hatchbaby grow

Similar to the Smart Changing Pad, Hatch Baby Grow is a changing pad that goes in-depth with a baby’s weight, height and other medical related issues. It even measures how much a baby eats and drinks during the day. The information will be stored on the parent’s smartphone through the app. It’s perfect for parents who want to keep track of how much they are feeding their newborns.


Hatchbaby rest

The third and final new product is Hatch Baby Rest. Rest is a collection of different products and functions. For starters, parents can set up times for when they need to put their children down for bed or when they need to wake up for their daytime naps. The Rest service comes with a state-of-the-art nightlight and sound machine. It will produce soothing sounds and welcoming colors for infants and toddlers.

All three Hatch Baby products are available for pre-orderListen can be pre-ordered through Hatch’s website and it goes for $49, with the Doppler included. Hatch Baby Grow will include the pad and is $129. Finally, the Hatch Baby Rest is $59. The three new products will be shipping out in March of 2017.

Hatch Baby

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