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HBO Max is hooking up new and returning subscribers with a 20% discount for 12-months

The offer is open until January 25. After that, the price goes back up.

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If you need a reason to subscribe to HBO Max, how does a 20% discount sound? The company is offering new and returning subscribers both ad-supported and ad-free subscriptions at a 20% discount for 12-months.

Let’s talk numbers: An HBO Max ad-supported plan typically costs $10 a month. This deal knocks the price down to just $8 per month. An ad-free plan runs for $15 per month. This promotion gets it down to just $12 per month.

Whether you decide to use this for one or two months, the choice is yours. But HBO says they’ll lock any of these promotional prices for 12-months, so you can cancel anytime or let it ride for the whole year.

Unfortunately, this promotion isn’t available to existing subscribers. It’s only open to new and returning customers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cancel your account now and set up another with a different email. I mean, how are they going to know?

So how do you get in on this promotion? It’s easy – head on over to and click on the top banner that says “Get the deal,” and create an account. The offer is open until January 25. After that, the price goes back up. Again, the price gets locked in for 12-months, but you can cancel anytime.

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