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Here’s how to use your iPhone’s camera burst mode so you never miss a shot

Burst Mode is great for when there is a lot of movement going on.

iphone 12 pro max camera
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One of the invaluable features of any camera is Burst mode, which takes a rapid series of images when triggered so you can choose the best one for your needs. It used to be a feature only found on high-end cameras, but it’s now even standard on smartphones.

It’s great when you’re trying to take a picture of something that’s moving, especially for family photos, because does anyone’s toddler stay put for two minutes, ever? It’s one of my most-used features on my iPhone 11 Pro, so I’ll walk you through how to use it on any other iPhone model.

Here’s how to use Burst mode on any model of iPhone

If you’ve never heard of Burst mode, all you really need to know is that it takes multiple images at high-speed while you’re keeping the shutter button held down. That’s great for capturing selfies, group shots, sports events, or your kids at play, and it works with both the back and front cameras on your iPhone.

On iPhone XS and later

Open the Camera app
It should open in the Photo mode, if not, swipe left or right until Photo is highlighted
Frame your shot, then swipe left on the shutter button to start the Burst. It’ll keep taking images until you release your fingeriphone camera app showing burst mode in action

On iPhone X and earlier

Open the Camera app
It should open in the Photo mode, if not, swipe left or right until Photo is highlighted
Frame your shot, then touch and hold the shutter button to take Burst mode shots. It’ll keep taking images until you lift your finger

You can also use the volume buttons

Sometimes it’s physically difficult to hold the shutter button, like if you’re doing raised angle selfies. You can use your iPhone’s volume buttons, but you need an iPhone XS and later, and to enable it in the Settings app
Open Settings
Scroll down to Camera and tap on it
Tap on the toggle next to Use Volume Up for Burstiphone camera settings showing volume up for burst mode
Now when you’re in the Camera app, you can hold Volume Up to enable Burst mode

Capturing those unstaged moments of life is difficult at the best of times, and nobody wants to miss the shot. Burst mode goes a long way to helping capture those important images, so you get the shot you want, every time.

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