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Here’s why your iPhone 11 Pro is STILL requesting location data without your permission

Honestly, at this point, I’m not even surprised.

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A recent report from Brian Krebs shows a possible worry over just how ‘private’ the new iPhone 11 Pro actually is.

That’s because he found that even when all applications and services are banned from requesting location data, something on the phone is still requesting the user’s location data. That’s worrying for two reasons: the user doesn’t know what is actually requesting the data, and that the user can’t disable this behavior without turning off Location Services completely.

Your iPhone 11 Pro still gets location data even after you disable it

As you can see from the above video, even when every app is set to “never” request location information on the iPhone 11 Pro, some system services appear to be requesting location data. Whoops. I mean, Apple’s own privacy policy says: “You can also disable location-based system services by tapping on System Services and turning off each location-based system service.” Apparently that doesn’t mean all system services show up on that list.

Apple did respond to Krebs, saying that the errant behavior is connected to the upcoming ultra wideband tech, which lets users do things like AirDrop files to other phones simply by pointing their device at them. Is all the media frenzy unjustified?

Well, no. Even though Apple promised to let users disable the feature in the future, the fact they can’t right now (and don’t even know it’s a thing to disable) is an issue. Apple can do better next time, like responding to requests from security researchers and journalists in a timely fashion.

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