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Hio Social launches new connectivity tools for the new normal of socialization

Let’s virtually hang, bro.

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There is some sense of triviality that comes with writing about, well, anything that isn’t related to the current state of affairs right now. Yet, for many people and companies, life and technology keep moving forward. There are still connections to be made, just, not in person.

This change in the new normal has caused a paradigm shift in not only how we meet, but the tools used to do so. It has also caused some of those tools to change as well. Take Hio Social, a networking and events platform that enables users to discover interesting people and events nearby. Hio previously operated on pushing users to physical events, but we’re not doing that right now. So, pivot!

Today, Hio is launching two new features to help humans maintain and cultivate connections while honoring the new normal of individual bubbles. Along with these two new features (which will be discussed momentarily), Hio is also offering three free months of premium access to these features. I’m not sure exactly what that means, I think these features might be the premium features, and the pay-for-play switch will be flipped when we emerge from our societal cocoons.

New features coming to Hio Social

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The first of Hio’s new virtual tools is Virtual Lounge. This gives users the ability to host moderated virtual events for an unlimited number of attendees, who are then able to interact with one another using 7-minute one-on-one video chats, live group messaging and social media integrations. Considering the current security concerns of some other connectivity apps, along with data concerns, it’s good to have alternatives to connecting with others.

The second new feature that Hio is offering is Network Now. This allows a direct connection with other users in real-time, regardless of physical proximity or areas of interest (two variables that would limit connectivity in the previous versions of the app). Like the Virtual Lounge, Network Now offers an alternative to mainstream connectivity tools that everyone else is using.

“Personal relationships drive everything in life and business – Hio allows us to manage them all at scale,” said Jason Craparo, CEO and Founder of Hio. “COVID-19, social distancing and voluntary, or involuntary, isolation have significantly impacted our ability to establish and grow 1:1 connections – whether at an event, conference or just with like-minded individuals we meet in our everyday lives. With Virtual Lounge and Network Now, Hio hopes to allow event organizers to avoid event cancellations and help users form meaningful relationships and grow their network in tough times.”

While it can’t possibly replace every in-person event, Hio offers smaller-scale organizers the ability to host virtual events. Which means revenue. Which means maintaining a semblance of normalcy and business functionality. Users can still find and “attend” events and connect with new people, bringing some freshness into their otherwise mundane lives. Connectivity, digital connectivity, is everything right now. It’s all we have.

What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself using? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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