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How has technology affected the cannabis industry over the years?

It’s all just a matter of patience and time until the technology and cannabis industries reach their full potential as allies

cannabis technology
Image: Marijuana Stocks

Technology has been a part of our lives for decades now, and innovations started coming as fast as the blink of an eye, blink twice and you might just miss them.

At the same time, the cannabis industry has been going through several changes in the past few years, from being an utter taboo to becoming legal in many countries and states, and even gaining recognition in the medical field. 

So, now that these two businesses full of potential have finally gotten to cross their paths, how exactly has the combination of both affected the marijuana industry?

To begin with, the growing process has changed entirely, from head to toe, or rather from seed to flowering. In the old days, there was no such control when growing marijuana. One would simply throw some seeds on the ground or into a pot, water the plant with frequency as they grew, and harvest it once the flowers looked ready to harvest. 

Today, the process is a lot more of a science than that. We count on a vast variety of tools that help us monitor the whole growth process of our plant, such as advanced environment thermometers to make sure the plant has the perfect environmental conditions and pH readers, to ensure that it’s receiving the proper amounts of nutrients. 

And let’s not forget about the new cannabis strains that came along with the advancement of technology. Perhaps you’ve heard about autoflowering seeds? These are seeds that will grow all the way, independent of the light cycle they receive and the environment that surrounds them. Nowadays, auto-flowering seeds are highly accessible at any grow shop given that through technology, experienced breeders can easily create these genetics by cross-breeding cannabis ruderalis, the original genetic with the auto traits, with other well-known photoperiod strains.

On the other hand, another surprising aspect of technology making its entrance into the cannabis industry is the new sales channels that made their way through into the business. Way before e-commerces popped up, people used to actually go outside for shopping, amazing right? Just kidding. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that most sales these days happen through apps or online shops, and this has even reached the marijuana business as well.

If a person is looking to buy some seeds, the first thing they will likely do is search the web for recommendations and top brands. Then they will just be steps or rather clicks away from getting their seeds. Most well-known cannabis seeds brands already have an option for buyers to purchase seeds through their online stores and even ship them all around the globe. 

Cannabis and technology work great together, without even having to mention the immense amount of discoveries that these two have achieved together in the medical field.

It’s all just a matter of patience and time until the technology and cannabis industries reach their full potential as allies, and when the day comes get ready because innovations will come so fast it’s going to be difficult to keep up to date with all the new information. 

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