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How one company is taking big data and making it understandable

Look, we all know about big data, but do almost any of us actually know what to do with those millions and millions of lines of nondescript and confusing numbers and stats? Honestly, no.

big data

We all know that there are data silos and data dumps available everywhere, and know that it is important to big business, but after that, many of us are left in the dark on what happens to the data and how to make it work for us.

Not only is obtaining the data somewhat difficult, but most big business solutions then have to find a way to interpret the data. Some hire outside companies to handle it, others have entire teams dedicated to it, but either way you look at it, there is a lot of money being spent to find this data then make it easily digestible.

Knoema (a combination of the words “knowledge” and the Greek word “noema” which means “to make sense”) is essentially a search engine for big data. It’s like Google, but specifically for data.  It seamlessly connects both public and private data to make it discoverable and usable. It crawls for data silos and other databases to come up with easy to read and understand graphs and other types of  charts.

Take for example this data. A couple clicks and search parameters and Knoema almost instantly was able to simultaneously pull and compile this data. And this was done completely for free, but the company also has other products for when you really need to pull important, sometimes hard to find, data.

The one most people will be interested in is Data Room. This is intended for business professionals who are in search of valuable data that can be used to improve their sales numbers and understanding of their target audience. Knoema works with you to figure out what data is important and then helps set up a white label solution that is supported by the data they have compiled. Your business then has full access to the data and the valuable insights that come with it. At the end of the day, your company has a better understanding of its industry and the information needed to improve business practices.

There is also a more basic Premium Subscription version that allows you and your business unlimited access to data compiled and aggregated from Knoema, that also gives you the options to export to Excel and to upload your own data to integrate with public data.

There is also Knoema for Education. This service is available to both students and schools. For students, the service is free and has millions of visualizations on over 1,000 topics. For schools, there is a more multifaceted approach. Yes, it has the data and content collection available, but it also offers a unique way for classes to learn the basics of visualization and data collection.

Overall, Knoema is a great service for anyone that has an interest in big data and how all of this data can tie together. For businesses, it is an amazing tool for understanding your customer base, purchasing habits, and almost anything else, quickly and efficiently. But don’t take our word for it, go check them out now, there is tons of data and information you can start aggregating now, you never know what you’ll find.

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