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How to create the most amazing Instagram videos

Winning the Instagram game is all about thinking differently and videos can take you a long way in this context.

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As social media becomes the prime selling channel for businesses, you cannot afford to miss it. Instagram is one of the best places to showcase your brand and products. The channel lets you connect with the audience in the most engaging ways, through images and videos. In fact, Instagram videos are becoming the most effective selling strategy today.

The key lies in creating ones that are impressive. However, a lot goes into ideating a video that is just a few seconds long but still is powerful enough to drive buying decisions. Here are a few tips that can help you to create the most amazing Instagram videos.

Have a goal in the first place

To start with, you must understand the purpose of the video. Are you planning to use it for capturing new customers? Or is it meant for re-engaging with the existing ones? Do you want it to boost sales or bring more traffic? Once you have a clear objective, to begin with, crafting a compelling story into a 30-second video becomes easy. Moreover, it gives you a clear direction to create a strategy that sells.

Have a story to narrate

Nothing is more important than having a story to keep the audience watching the Instagram video till the end. After all, there will be numerous videos from other brands in their feed every day and they must have a good reason to watch yours. Include a call to action at the end of the video so that the viewers understand what you expect them to do. 

Invest in a quality video maker

Just having a great idea will not do the trick as implementation is equally important. So you must have a quality video maker app in your arsenal. The business video maker from VideoBoost serves as an effective tool for creating compelling videos that sell. This easy-to-use business video app comes with built-in social media best practices, which makes it ideal for your Instagram strategy. Additionally, you get features like ready-to-use templates, easy customization and much more.

Choose the content smartly

Social media users are savvy buyers and you cannot impress them with anything ordinary. So you must choose the content of the videos smartly, considering the aesthetics, brand image and messaging. Brainstorm some ideas and translate them into cool videos. Try to cater as much variety as you can if you want the users to view your videos every time you put them up on Instagram. Product features, sneak previews, video tutorials, team introductions, and customer testimonials are a few content ideas you can try.

Play with special effects

Another good practice to make impressive Instagram videos for showing off your brand and products is to play with special effects. For example, Instagram uses looping videos, which automatically replay after the clip finishes once. Similarly, you can try stop-motion, time-lapse and hyper-lapse effects to make the videos more engaging. There are several video editing apps that can help you create these special effects.

Winning the Instagram game is all about thinking differently and videos can take you a long way in this context. Following these useful tips can surely give your videos the compelling value!

Editor’s Note: Working with the content design team, at Outreach Monks, Sesha Martin has innovatively discovered her marketing skills. She loves sharing her hobbies on Instagram.

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