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VRidge is an app that lets you play PC VR games on your smartphone

VRidge is a software that turns your phone into an HTC Vive headset.

Image: VRFocus

The race to make VR inexpensive has been an interesting one, as we have seen many attempts and failure. One of those attempt/failure companies, RiftCat, is back at it again with VRidge 2.0. VRidge is a subscription-based service that allows users with VR-ready hardware, like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, access to high-end games available on Oculus and HTC Vive devices. VRidge 2.0 is still in its beta phase, but yet an impressive update.

The update is now well on its way and it includes an entirely re-written system that allows new features. These new features include a new user interface, multi-language support, updating streaming quality, and other options that significantly upgrade quality. Users with an NVIDIA card can use NVIDIA’s Moonlight option instead of using VRidge streaming support which allows users to stream gameplay right to their PC. Included in the update are numerous bug fixes requested by the community. The re-written code system enables new features like hand controllers and other tracking features.

The new update is still in its beta phase, and the beta phase is still in its stress testing phase. If there are any issues, users are asked to contact RiftCat. There are over 10,000 Android devices registered, so finding a stable solution for all of them can be tricky.

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