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If you’ve got a super old Android phone, it’s about to stop working – here’s what to know

You’re overdue for an upgrade anyway.

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If you’ve been using the same Android handset for the last decade, you’re in for a surprise on September 27. That’s the date that Google is going to stop allowing sign-in to its services on outdated versions of Android.

For most Android users, this change won’t affect anything. Google is only turning off login support for anything running Android 2.3.7 or lower, that’s Gingerbread if you pay attention to their dessert-based naming scheme.

That version came out first in December 2010, a full ten years ago. It’s time to stop using it. Really.

With billions of Android devices in use or tossed in the back of desk drawers, there’s a non-zero chance that some people are still using this old version, especially on devices that manufacturers decided to stop supporting with Android updates.

If you’re still using such an old device, congratulations on keeping it in one piece for so long. That was the era of removable batteries in mobile phones so I can understand how you kept it going, but it’s time to put it down gracefully.

Your device hasn’t had a security update for nearly a decade, so it’s like never locking your car and parking it in a long-stay car park at the airport – someone is going to break in eventually.

Google says that September 27 is the day it is turning off sign-in for those affected Android devices. After that date, you’ll get username or password errors if you try to use any Google services like Gmail, YouTube, or Maps.

Yes, that means your beloved phone will be about as useful as any modern Huawei device. Please consider upgrading to a modern smartphone, it’s time.

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