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Google upgrades its “about this result” feature to show how it found your search results

The feature now shows which keywords and synonyms from your search terms are found on a website.

Google search results insights
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Google’s latest upgrade to its popular search engine aims to give users some idea about how the engine comes up with its answers. This update to the “about this result” feature gives new context about how the search engine used your search terms to come up with a particular answer or website.

The “about this result” feature has actually been around for a little while. Google initially launched this feature earlier this year. The feature includes information about the website gathered from Wikipedia and can be opened by clicking the three-dot menu in the top right of a search result. You also get tips about whether or not a website is secure.

Now, the company is adding some new functionality to the “about this result” feature. In addition to all of the information previously found in the window, the newly updated window shows some of the ways that the Google algorithm was able to come up with a particular result.

Google search result details
Image: Google

The new window will include all kinds of new information. Probably the biggest update to this feature is that the window will now show which search terms are actually found on a website, as well as any related terms.

The example that Google uses is a search result for “how to cook fish in the oven.” When searched, the “about this result” window shows that one particular site contains the words “how, cook, fish, and oven.” The window also highlights “ingredients, recipe, and baked” in the site as words that are similar to the search terms.

Google’s update “about this result” feature is an effort to give some users a more in-depth look at how the search engine is able to come up with its results. The updated feature is rolling out now, starting with English-speaking users in the US.

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