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Sorry Firefox users, Microsoft Edge is now the third most popular web browser

There’s still a long way to go to catch up to Safari and Chrome.

Microsoft edge browser
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is set on making its Microsoft Edge web browser a valid option for users across all devices. Now, the browser has hit a significant milestone, beating out its closest rival, Firefox, in recent popularity rankings.

According to new data from StatCounter, a global stats counter that ranks the most popular available web browsers, Microsoft Edge has finally beaten out Firefox to become the third most popular web browser in the world. The two had been in a heated race over the last few months, and Edge has finally toppled its competition.

As of now, Microsoft Edge users account for 3.4% of all web browser usage in the world. As for Firefox, the browser has seen a steady decline in popularity over the last few months, falling from 4.26% of users in July of last year down to just 3.29% as of right now.

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Microsoft Edge has been around since 2015 and debuted on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Since then, the browser has been adapted for most platforms, including iOS and macOS, and Microsoft has been working hard to establish Edge as a reliable browser for everyone.

As you can see from StatCounter’s data, Edge still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with the top two browsers. As of right now, Safari commands 18.34% of the browser market, while Chrome has a whopping 65.27%.

Microsoft certainly has its work cut out for it if it’s looking to challenge those two. Still, this is an impressive achievement for a browser with only around 1% of the market share at this time last year. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can turn Edge into a browser that can compete with the best.

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