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Microsoft Edge now features a safe browsing mode for children

There will be two different age groups to choose from.

microsoft edge browser
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge is the rising star in the world of interest browsers. In about a year since its introduction, it managed to become the second most popular internet browser. Now it’s just Google Chrome standing between it and the top. 

Kids Mode is the most recent feature introduced to hopefully help the appeal of Microsoft Edge. The new mode (still in beta testing) is designed to address the concerns parents have over the internet content that their kids can access via a web browser.

Currently, the mode is limited to the US on Windows and MacOS.

microsoft edge kids mode
Image: KnowTechie

Kids Mode features two sub-modes. One of those will target kids aged 5 to 8, whereas the other will target kids between 9 and 12 years old. Furthermore, there will be no need to create a separate Microsoft account for kids, but the adult will be able to enable this feature via a profile picker located in the top right corner of the search engine.

When Kids Mode is enabled, all adult videos, images, and text will be removed from search results. Tracking Prevention also comes by default when Kids Mode is activated. That way, trackers are blocked when children browse the web. 

Considering that Kids Mode on Edge is still in beta, Microsoft is asking for feedback from early adopters. Plus, the people at Microsoft don’t exclude the possibility of adding new features over time. Based on previous experience with adopting new Microsoft Edge features, Kids Mode will stay in beta mode for at least a few months before it is fully released.

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