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Microsoft will finally put Internet Explorer out of its misery in 2022

So long, and thanks for the memories.

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Internet Explorer has been the butt of many jokes for many years now and while Microsoft has been slowly pushing people to the Edge browser, the old-school browser is officially coming to an end on June 15, 2022.

That is the date Microsoft will officially end support for the browser, after having spent the last year or so discontinuing support for certain Internet Explorer functionality with things like Microsoft Teams and stopping support for Microsoft 365 later this year.

Microsoft notes that the switch to Edge comes with multiple benefits, including compatibility, productivity, and security.

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For businesses that still rely on Internet Explorer, Microsoft is pushing them to use the Internet Explorer compatibility mode that is baked into Edge. It should also be noted that Microsoft will not be ending support for Internet Explorer for Windows 10 LTSC, which is a much more business-focused product.

Regardless, it seems that Internet Explorer is finally being put out to pasture, and honestly, it is surprising it took this long. The Verge notes that the company has been pushing people to Edge for over five years now, first by pushing the Edge browser and also by rebranding Internet Explorer as a “compatibility solution” instead of a browser.

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