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Microsoft almost reduced its cut on the Xbox store, but decided to make more money instead

This would bring Microsoft’s share down from 30% to 12%.

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Recent documents have come forward that shows that Microsoft had been exploring the idea of reducing its cut of game sales on Xbox consoles.

These documents, which were presented as part of the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit that is currently happening, show that Microsoft had planned to reduce its revenue from the sales of games on Xbox from 30% down to 12%.

This news comes just days after Microsoft revealed that it would be reducing its cut of game sales on the Windows platform to 12%. This change brings the Microsoft Store up to speed with the Epic Games Store, which has only taken a 12% cut since it was started in 2018.

Now, the company might be looking to bring that number down on consoles as well. This will shake things up a good bit, considering Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all collect 30% on digital game sales for now.

However, according to The Verge, Microsoft has said that it has no plans to change the revenue sharing model on Xbox, despite what we’ve seen in those documents. When asked about these documents, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers.” It is not yet known if the document is false or if plans have changed since its origin.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like Microsoft will be implementing a 12% split for digital games on consoles any time soon. It sounds like the company has talked about the idea, but decided that it will not work right now, for whatever reason. But if Microsoft does eventually make this change, it will be a huge shake-up of the console gaming industry.

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