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This is what an indie-gamer looks like

Indie-Gamers: Their a weird bunch, huh? Not really, they just dress a little differently than us. This is what an indie gamer looks like.

Funny Gamer

Funny Gamer

The sounds of lasers, galactic warfare, heavy-duty gun shots, race car engines, and laughter filled the gymnasium I was standing in. God help me, I was at an indie game festival.

I recently had the chance to attend the annual Boston Festival of Indie Games this past weekend at MIT. This is where indie game developers come show off what they’ve been working on,  promote their Kickstarter, and hopefully get their game developed at one of the big gaming companies.

What I immediately discovered was besides the games being the main attraction, the people behind these games is where the magic really happened!

Ladies and gentleman, this is what an indie gamer looks like:

To be fair, I got a chance to meet these people and they were nice enough to let me take a picture of them. Thanks everyone!


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