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Intel has hired the ‘I’m a Mac’ guy to throw shade at Apple

Wait, I’m a PC now?

justin long mac pc guy
Image: Intel

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Apple’s decision to make its own chips for its Mac range instead of using Intel’s CPUs seems to have hit a nerve over at Intel’s marketing department. The chipmaker, affectionately known as “Chipzilla,” is showing just how much of a monster it can be when provoked by hiring Justin Long to star in some Intel adverts that throw every level of shade at Apple’s Mac range.

Oh, if you don’t recognize the name Justin Long, you might recognize him once you watch a couple of his former adverts for Apple. Yes, he’s the “I’m a Mac” actor from the long-running “Get a Mac” advertising campaign.

Poor Justin, he must be so confused now, having to play a PC, with all of the choices available on the market. I mean, he has to mock Mac’s lack of multiple monitor support on the M1 chips, the “gray and grayer” color choices for MacBooks (as if black or blue plastic is a good look on laptops), the lack of touchscreens or ports, and even the lack of gamers on Mac.


Honestly, Intel, it’s not a good look on you. The last time you were jealous of a rival’s performance figures, it ended up with you forking over a $1.25bn payment to AMD for shady business practices and being sued by everyone from the FTC to their European counterparts. We can’t say that will happen this time, but you’ve proven in the past that when the chips are down, you fight dirty.

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