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Investing in kitchen excellence: Fry oil filter machines

Fry oil filter machines can improve food quality, extend the life of oil, reduce oil waste, and save money.

A chef is cooking a batch of golden french fries in a fast food kitchen.
Image: FryOilSaver Company

Although there are many products on the market that claim to help food service businesses cut oil costs, the return on investment (ROI) for oil filtration systems made specifically for gas and electric fryers remains the strongest. 

Buyers of food service equipment will not have missed the news about the dangers of eating fried foods.

Operators committed to providing their clients with the greatest possible product have an obligation to specify the necessary equipment, as this issue is currently at the forefront of the healthy eating agenda.

Oil filtering is an important subtopic here, especially for establishments that rely heavily on commercial fryers. But before moving forward, it’s helpful to get an appreciation for oil filtering and the crucial role it plays in a professional kitchen.

Optimizing your kitchen with a fry oil filter machine

A handcart proudly displays the words "made in the usa" on its side. Fried oil filter machine
Image: KnowTechie

Filtration is necessary to maintain clean oil, which leads to higher food quality and a more appealing appearance when frying.

A fry oil filter machine also helps oil last longer, which means less money spent on oil and less time spent on maintenance over time. The role that filtering plays can be better understood with an appreciation of the science behind it.

Filtration is a method of separating solids from liquids in which they have not dissolved. The particles and liquid are filtered via a filter paper.

The filtrate (the liquid in the container) passes through the filter paper while the solid (the residue) is retained by the paper. 

Separating the solids from the oil with any of the other items on the market won’t prevent the solids from burning and leaving behind carbon deposits.

Why oil filtration is key to a successful kitchen

Particles in the oil are the primary cause of food discoloration and undesirable fried product flavor. Therefore, oil with sediment and floating or suspended particles cannot be used for frying to high standards.

That’s why kitchen workers can’t make do with less than the best frying equipment by installing the appropriate filtration mechanism, making a more efficiently run kitchen.

Even if oil has only been used for one servicing session, it needs to be filtered before it can be used again. Due to the dangers associated with handling boiling oil, filtering must be done inside the fryer for this to be possible. Oil can only be kept pure through filtration.

The answer is to filter oil if you want to enhance profits, give consumers food that tastes fresh and looks clean, and preserve your investment in frying equipment.

Why MirOil fryer oil filter machines are the answer

A medical appliance is being operated with various pieces of medical equipment.
Image: KnowTechie

There’s no need to wait for the oil to cool down before filtering it with the MirOil oil filter machine.

To eliminate harmful particles and extend the life of fryer oil in commercial kitchens, the MirOil portable oil filter machine is an indispensable tool. Using a series of filters, the MirOil portable oil filter machine removes debris and leftover food from the oil in the fryer.

The MirOil portable oil filter machine can improve food quality, extend the life of oil, reduce oil waste, and save money. You might also like Seven zero-waste apps contributing to the food industry of the future.

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