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Business offers quick access to users’ location and data for targeted services

IP geolocation API detects users’ location information, which is useful for businesses to provide accurate services.

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Modern consumers do everything online, from grocery shopping and utility bill payments to booking a ride or ordering a meal.

This is why developers and business owners need to know from which area of the world people access their websites or apps. They use IP Geolocation API to detect the current location and other geographical data of users using the device’s IP address.

In simple words, allowing access to your location online can help you find your favorite restaurant in town or locate the nearest ATM easily.

Developers use location APIs like to detect your current location online and make your life simpler and easier.

What is IP Geolocation API by

Users location data

IPWHOIS is an IP Geolocation API that helps websites and apps determine the exact location and other relevant data of users.

This tool provides ample information about users’ location, including country, province, region, city, local currency, country code, time zone, latitude & longitude, ISP lookup, zip code, etc.

Quick access to all these details can help you customize the content of your website or app to provide users with exactly what they need.

For example, if you are running a location-sensitive business, you can use users’ location data to present them with products or details that suit their needs best.

Thousands of developers worldwide are using this location API to get updated users’ data quickly.

Why you should choose IPWHOIS.Io? 

Several Geolocation API services are available in the market, but most of them provide outdated data with less accuracy. Below are some solid reasons why you should choose IPWHOIS over its competitors.

IPWHOIS.Io is very easy to use

No one needs a business solution or tool that requires time, attention, and effort to set up and use. It reduces productivity and overall operational efficiency of the business.

This IP Geolocation API is very simple and easy to integrate into any website or app, no matter what programming language you have used. No technical expertise and knowledge is required to install or integrate IPWHOIS into your website or app.

It comes with a free plan, which you can try for free before spending money on its premium plans.

Data precision 

Precise data is another reason you should use this location API for your projects. You can get your users’ accurate and updated Geolocation data using this location tool.

The self-learning behavior of this tool ensures that the response data is up to date and precise as well.

Every GET request is responded to by the tool with accurate and updated data so you can entertain your users in the best way possible.

Faster response time

When it comes to determining users’ location and other relevant data, speed is another important aspect of improving the user experience.

IPWHOIS is a location API that responds to every GET request in seconds using GeoDNS. Every request is directed to the servers closer to the user’s location. It helps locate user location quickly and accurately.


Tls connection security

All the GET requests are sent to and processed by the company’s secure server with 256-bit SSL encryption.

It ensures all your user details and information are secure. Not only this, but IPWHOIS also detects and blocks all the vulnerable and potentially dangerous IPs. This, as a result, keeps your site protected from cyber threats. 

Multilanguage support

No matter which your native language is, you can use this location API easily because it is not location and language limited. You can choose a language from available languages for API response data.

The tool can be used in different languages such as German, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.


As mentioned above, you can use IPWHOIS free of cost for your non-commercial project. You are allowed to generate 10000 requests using its free plan.

If you receive massive traffic and need to generate more requests, you can buy any of its following premium plans:

  • Pro: available for $10.99/month and capable of generating 250000 requests a month.
  • Business: available for 29.99/month and designed for businesses to generate 2000000 requests a month.
  • Platinum: available for $79.99/month and suitable for large commercial projects to generate 10000000 requests throughout the month.


IP Geolocation API by is fast, secure, flexible, and accurate. It comes with greater usability and simplicity, so you can save your hours on setting this up for your business website or application. This location tool is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

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