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It’s happening, Apple is discontinuing the HomePod to focus on the mini

Pour one out for the original HomePod, the mini is taking its place.

Apple homepod on table
Image: Unsplash

When Apple introduced the HomePod mini last year, we wondered what this meant for the original, larger HomePod.

Would Apple refresh it, or would it get phased out over time? Well, now we know, as Apple is officially discontinuing the original HomePod to focus on the smaller version.

When the original HomePod came out, it was a marvel of engineering, in that typical overengineered way that Apple is known for.

The team took five years to create it, with a specially-built development building and a dozen anechoic chambers, including one of the largest chambers outside of an academic research facility.

I mean, look at how much they stuffed inside that cloth-covered cylinder. Multiple tweeters, a huge woofer, insulated circuitry so “hum” from the electronics doesn’t pass to the final sound. Marvelous, and it paved the way for later dives into audio, like the Spatial Audio feature found in AirPods.

Apple homepod transparent view to show the internal components
Image: Apple

While Apple won’t make any new HomePods, there is still stock at Apple’s own stores and other retailers. They will be supported going forward, which is good news for anyone who still wants one of the large speakers with “truly unbelievable” sound. Maybe this isn’t the end of the road for the larger HomePod, but it’s time to wave goodbye for now.

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