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Jetty and LoftSmart join forces to offer better renting conditions

Renting is a great option for those without conditions to buy, and especially for students. Now, Jetty and LoftSmart join to make it even better for them.

Image: Knights Estate Agents

Not exactly being the group of society with the greatest financial capabilities, most students turn to renting when the time of securing accommodations comes. But renting, despite its well-known advantages, does require a somewhat steep initial investment, especially taking into account the deposits that are mandatory in most cases.

Now, a new partnership between LoftSmart and Jetty is trying to make life better for everyone who has to face that situation, by providing better conditions at the start of rentals.

LoftSmart is a service focused on helping students finding the best places for them to rent in university towns, while also helping owners finding the appropriate renters for their properties. Now, by integrating Jetty Passport Deposit API, they will benefit from better deposit conditions, and without even having to leave LoftSmart’s platform with this seamless integration.

By being an “insurance-like” product, Jetty Passport Deposit makes it possible for tenants to make a single deposit payment, which is non-refundable and amounts to only 17.5% of the equivalent security deposit. This is a considerable saving, which is impactful in the budget of any student.

With this integration, users that go to LoftSmart to find a rental are presented two options at the time of payment: a regular deposit, or Jetty Passport Deposit. Regardless of the security deposit total amount, opting for Jetty will only cost 17.5% of that amount. The benefit of this payment never ends for the entirety of each residency, just like with a regular deposit.

This is also useful for landlords as, with this service, they do not have the need to control deposit payments, net interests, returns, and so on. Everything is handled directly with Jetty, which makes the process much more easier than having to deal with tenants on their way out of the property.

LoftSmart CEO and co-founder Sam Bernstein explained why this partnership makes sense:

“Our mission at LoftSmart is simple: to help every student find the perfect place. The Jetty Passport Deposit API makes it easier than ever for student renters to rapidly fulfill a common landlord requirement of security deposit, while also helping our property managers grow their businesses without any additional or unnecessary risk, enabling us to bring to life our vision of a rental marketplace that is transparent, safe, and efficient for all.”

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