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Kids’ reactions to this old Game Boy are classic!

There are no apps, it doesn’t fit in your pocket, and it can’t be used as a phone: check out these kids’ priceless reactions to the original Nintendo Gameboy.

gameboy kid

gameboy kid

Kids have it made these days when it comes to gaming. Playstation 4, Xbox One…clearly I grew up in the wrong era.

I remember showing my nephew the graphics we had in our day: His face said it all.

In this video, you’ll see a group of kids presented with an original Nintendo Gameboy. Their reactions are priceless:

Caught on Tape:

“Wait you don’t just turn it on? There’s no apps for it?”

“It has no color”

“Did you really enjoy playing this?”

“How do you put this in your pocket?”

“You have to change the batteries?

Check it out:



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