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You know you want a cute bunny statue that also rocks a bluetooth speaker inside

Here’s a dilemma: I need a cute thing to put on my desk, but I also need a bluetooth speaker. What do I do?

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Bluetooth Speaker

Fear not, Gearbest is back with another solution. Check out this super cute adventure bunny statue that also doubles as a bluetooth speaker. This adorable little bunny comes dressed with a Chinese army snow hat and a little adventurer’s bag.

Upon first glance, the bag has patches on it but if you look a little closer you’ll notice those patches have pause, play, and other familiar symbols on them – that’s because they’re buttons to command your music with straight from the bunny’s belly.

When powered on, the bunny’s ears and the star on his hat will light up. This is a three watt speaker and has about three hours of continuous battery life. You can pick up this little guy for just $19.99 using the coupon code: LHXMVR.

Hop on over to Gearbest and pick him up today!

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Xiaomi Rabbit Bluetooth Speaker, $20

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