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The Kwilt Shoebox Plus is a mini personal cloud that’s only accessible by you

Store your snaps safely with storage you control.

Image: Gadget Flow

We rely on our smartphone’s camera to record our lives, but internal storage on our devices has stagnated – SDcard slots have disappeared and cloud storage is expensive. That’s the problem that Kwilt is aiming to solve with their new product. The aptly-named Shoebox Plus wants to be the digital version of that shoebox that we all had in our houses growing up, you know, that one with all your childhood photographs in it.

Powering the device is a speedy Quad-core CPU, and it has both Ethernet and 5Ghz WiFi for quick connections to your network. Photos are uploaded in seconds, and it has four USB ports to connect storage with. Essentially, the Shoebox Plus is a mini personal cloud, but one that’s only accessible by you.

Image: Kwilt

The Kwilt platform, accessed through the handy app, also can aggregate several sources of cloud and home content such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Dropbox. That data gets downloaded from the cloud storage or your physical devices and stored on the physical storage that you connected to the Shoebox Plus.


Image: Kwilt

No more having to open multiple programs to find your precious photos, wherever they may be, or needing internet access to find those vacation snaps to show your cousin — it’ll all be stored on your physical storage device that’s completely under your control.


Image: Kwilt

The Shoebox Plus is available now for $119 from Kwilt’s website.

What do you think? Is this something you’d use? Let us know in the comments below.

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