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Live streaming technology is booming in 2021

This will only continue to grow and if one thing has been certain over the last few months, it’s that live streaming is here to stay.

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As the Internet era continues to develop, so too does the technology that is created to work alongside it. From the early tech of email marketing software to the modern-day video calling alternatives, the advancements have dramatically improved in recent years.

Originally, a lot of the latest technology was only used by certain sectors or businesses, but thanks to the changes in day-to-day life because the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, a lot of the technology has found its way into the hands of the general public.

One of those advancements, and arguably one of the most exciting for the future, is that of live streaming, which has been used by children and adults in equal measure over the last couple of years.

So much so, that we now almost take it for granted and for many people, it has taken over the need to have television in their home, and instead they live stream what they want to watch through a mobile, tablet or computer.

From cooking shows to gaming, live streaming is now being used as a business tool just as much as it is to broadcast global events such as Premier League football matches.

It’s definitely a tool that is here to stay, and with our reliance on technology only going to grow in the years to come, let’s take a look at which industries are using live streaming to the max. 

Gaming Streams

As well as having a huge rise in interest from the world of gambling in recent years, eSports has basically grown to be a modern phenomenon thanks to the use of live streaming technology.

From the streaming of live eSports events in big areas across Europe, America, and Asia, to popular YouTube channels streaming their gameplay, nobody uses the technology better than the eSports industry.

Millions around the globe are now able to watch games such as Call of Duty and League of Legends, as users stream their own gameplay to the Internet and make serious revenue out of doing so. Gamers are now treated like celebrities in their industry with teams forking out to get the most marketable players onto their rosters.

Thanks to lockdowns in all the major countries in 2020, eSports has boomed to new levels and is only set to continue its growth as the live streaming tech continues to develop and advance into an exciting new era.

Cooking Shows

Knowing how to cook something nice for our evening meals is something that we have all been fascinated to learn for decades. From getting the latest cookbook for Christmas to watching how to make a Sunday roast with celebrity chefs on the TV, an interest in food is something that we all have in common.

Over the past year, there has been a huge shift in this industry using live streaming to maximum, and there are plenty of live streaming uses that can be found from hospitality and cooking companies.

Many of those celebrity chefs are now using the technology to live stream themselves cooking and certain meals, giving followers the chance to cook alongside them at home. This simply wouldn’t be possible with the time restraints on TV programming, so live streaming is helping to bring that footage to kitchens across the globe.

Food subscription services have also benefited from live streaming, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where companies have been able to show their customers exactly how they need to cook the ingredients in order to make their weekly meals. 

This will only continue to grow and if one thing has been certain over the last few months, it’s that live streaming is here to stay. 

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