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Livestreaming continues to push forward, but women aren’t as likely to be supported

Also noted in the study, gamers have been spending more on supporting streamers than buying new games.

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Livestreaming and the gaming industry as a whole continue to propel forward, bringing in more money than ever before. Thanks to platforms like Twitch and services like Patreon, streaming can garner a fanbase and get support, both monetary and otherwise, for doing that they love.

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Image: PayPal

In a study that looks at content creators and compensation, PayPal and SuperDataResearch have found that a large percentage of women streamers are not getting paid for the content they create. The study shows that almost half, 43% to be exact, of female creators are not getting paid, while the percentage of men is much smaller – only 24% – do not get paid.

According to the survey from PayPal, 34% of livestream viewers have spent in excess of $50 on livestream content over the past few months.

paypal content creators spending habits

Image: PayPal

Surprisingly, US gamers spent an average of $53.56 on new games, while US gamers spent $56.17 on simply supporting livestreamers.

Also in the study, it shows where the esports realm has continued to explode but has yet to tap any true resource pools. With only 13% gaming video viewers watching esports there is huge room for growth, especially among women, with only 6% being engaged with esports content.

This study from PayPal and SuperData was conducted over a two month period, from February through March.

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