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Lyft launches an all-access plan for everyone

If you are a daily Lyft user, this might be worth it.

lyft all access plan
Image: Lyft

Lyft believes enough of its users will be willing to pay $299 upfront for 30 rides per month. Its so-called All-Access plan is now available to everyone in the United States.

Beta-tested since March, Lyft’s new plan covers rides worth up to $15. Once you exceed that limit, you’ll need to pay the difference. Once you exceed your 30th ride in a month, you can buy additional trips with a five percent discount. The All-Access plan doesn’t require a contract so you can cancel it at any time.

Ideally suited for college students or those who have decided to ditch their cars for on-demand services, the All-Access plan might sound expensive at $299. However, when you consider that without the plan, those 30 rides would cost you $450, it sounds like a deal, don’t you think?

Did you only use 15 rides this month? Unfortunately, the service doesn’t do rollovers.

Source: Lyft

Lyft changed up the plan before launch

During beta testing, Lyft switched between plans before deciding on the one above. This included a program that went for $199 for 30 rides and one that was $399 for 60 rides.

The arrival of Lyft’s All-Access plan comes as the company preps for an IPO in 2019. According to The Wall Street Journal, the ride-sharing company has selected JPMorgan Chase & Co. to lead the offering along with Credit Suisse Group AG and Jefferies Group LLC. Lyft’s Lyft’s valuation is expected to top the $15.1 billion it was valued at earlier this year.

Would you consider using Lyft because of its All-Access plan? Let us know your thoughts below.

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