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Lyft is possibly working on a feature that will keep your driver’s mouth shut


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One of the worst things about having to take an Uber or Lyft is having to talk to my driver. I get it, they’re trying to be friendly and earn a good rating, but man, sometimes I’m just not in the mood. I mean, if I don’t like talking to my friends, it’s pretty much safe to say I don’t want to be talking to my driver.

Thankfully, Lyft might have a fix for this. In a recent podcast with Casey Newton of The Verge, Taggart Matthiesen, head of product for autonomous driving for Lyft, told Newton that the company has floated the idea around.

I think it’s interesting. At some point, we may play around with that idea, but that’s unfortunately not a feature at this point.

To me, that’s not enough concrete evidence to say that they’ll be releasing this feature anytime soon. However, it does bring up a good point. If trains have quiet cars, why not Uber and Lyft rides? I mean, it makes perfect sense. And then, let’s take it a step further, what could this mean for the autonomous cars of the future?

As Matthiesen says in the podcast,

The autonomous car is going to know a lot more [about you]. It’s going to know your temperature that you’re going to want. It’s probably also going to know that it’s early in the morning, and so it’s going to have a dark-lit cabin to let you sleep. Maybe you can even relax in the seat, and the back will extend into some sort of lie-flat mode. Maybe not complete lie-flat, just based on the area, but a good recline.

I don’t know, maybe a quiet Lyft ride is just a pipe dream at this point, but hey, a man can dream, right?

Do you think Lyft and Uber should implement quiet cars? Do you like talking to your driver? Let us know your thoughts down below. 

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