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Some Uber drivers are being accused of committing ‘vomit fraud’

Much like vomit, this is unexpected.

Uber employees vomit fraud
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Drunk passengers are nothing new to Uber drivers. It’s one of the reasons the company’s policy states that it can charge passengers between $80 to $150 for causing damage to a car. Some passengers are now accusing the ride-sharing of so-called “vomit fraud,” however.

According to The Miami Herald, some passengers are being charged for car damage they claim never happened. Things have gotten so bad that Uber has told el Nuevo Herald that it is “actively looking into reports where fraud may be detected and will take appropriate actions on those accounts.”

It stresses, however, that “the vast majority of cleaning fee reports are legitimately the result of someone making a mess in the car. In the instances where we find a confirmed case of fraud, we take appropriate action. With 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents.”

If you’re being accused of falsely damaging an Uber car, your best bet is to contact the company immediately and get a resolution. If that doesn’t work, you can try to have to charges reversed with your credit card company. Unfortunately, beyond this, there doesn’t appear to be any laws protecting riders from this type of fraud.

My suggestion: Snap some photos of the interior of the Uber car when you exit the vehicle. That way, you have proof that no mishaps occurred. Oh, and make sure you don’t eat the snacks Uber is now providing in some locations.

Have you faced this type of ‘vomit fraud’ problem using Uber? How was it resolved? Let us know below. 

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