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Mango Power E launch brings CATL LFP tech to its best portable battery

The Mango Power E brings intelligent green energy products into every home and helps families realize a zero-carbon emission future.

Mango Power E power station on lawn
Image: Mango Power

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Mango Power, the up-and-coming brand in the domestic energy storage industry, known for its user-centric product design and premium quality battery cells, launches its latest product: the Mango Power E, available for purchase via the Mango Power Offical website.

Mango Power E  – A top-grade, 5-year warranty portable power station

Mango Power E power station with features
Image: Mango Power

The Mango Power E is a high-capacity, 3.5kWh battery. Its capacity can be expanded up to 14kWh with a pluggable pack to cater to the power needs of more demanding environments.

Up to two standalone or expanded units can be connected to increase capacity to 28kWh.

In addition, it provides 3kW output capability (expandable to 6kW) and supports 240v output to heavy-duty power appliances.

Moreover, Mango Power has incorporated six charging methods and 16 output ports. Because of its excellent product design and high amount of charging ports.

Mango Power E power station with connected to solar panels
Image: Mongo Power

This wide range of connectivity options makes the Mango Power E suitable for various scenarios. In addition, it includes RV and EV ports, making it an excellent choice for vehicle-focused users.

Furthermore, in the Mango Power E, input methods include AC Wall Outlet (Max 3,000W), Solar Panel (Max 2,000W, 60V-150V), EV Charging (EV1772), or Generators. 

Not to mention, regarding output, the Mango Power E includes four 20A AC Output ports, six 27W USB-A Ports, 2 USB Type C ports (65W&100W), 1 Car Power Output at 12V/10A, 2 DC551 ports, and one AC RV Port of 30A.

Mango Power E power station in yard with people
Image: Mango Power

Notably, the low noise and high-temperature resistance of the Mango Power E are partly due to the high quality of its CATL LFP Battery cells.

Therefore, being one of the product’s highlights, this premium range of battery cells is more durable, efficient, and safer than other market options.

Testament to this quality is its longer lifespan of more than 2,000 cycles and its 5-year warranty.

As it’s common in Mango Power products, the Mango Power E comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact. you can track its energy performance through its proprietary app.

power station next to truck
Image: Mango Power

About Mango Power

Mango Power is a green energy brand focused on developing home power supply solutions, portable power devices, and related accessories.

Mango Power’s mission is to bring intelligent green energy products into every home and help families realize a zero-carbon emission future. For more information, visit www.mangopower.com 

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