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This Dcbel charger lets you power your house and charge your car

Keep the lights on with this smart-grid system from dcbel.

Dcbel r16 solar charger
Image: dcbel

Dcbel is looking to change the energy game with the introduction of its new electric vehicle charger, the dcbel r16. Debuting in the state of California, the r16 is an EV charger that integrates multiple functionalities, turning the device into a full smart-grid system.

Dcbel is an energy company that focuses on solar power integration and its first product is the r16. The r16 aims to combat home power outages, by utilizing an EV’s massive battery to power a home during an energy blackout. By utilizing a two-way power flow, the r16 can both charge an EV from the home grid and supply the home grid with power from the EV’s battery.

Because the logistics of storing and fully utilizing solar power are somewhat complicated at the moment, dcbel has decided to make things a little more simple. Solar panels require a power inverter and a massive battery to store power that can be used while the panels aren’t getting any sunlight.

The r16 acts as this power inverter and utilizes an EV battery as power storage. This means that users only need the r16 and their compatible EV to be able to store and use solar energy during a power outage.

There is one caveat to the functionality of the r16. As of right now, the only standard that allows for two-way power flow is called CHAdeMO, and that standard is currently losing relevance to another one called CCS. However, CCS is said to be working on allowing bidirectional power flow, and dcbel will certainly update its device accordingly.

The r16 can charge your EV at up to 15.2 kW, giving you right around one mile of driving for every minute of charge. Pricing starts at around $6,000 and goes up from there depending on configuration. This may seem expensive, but the r16 offers multiple functionalities that can provide a lot of freedoms when it comes to energy.

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