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Microsoft Outlook app showing more ads on iOS and Android

You need to migrate your emails to the ‘Focus’ folder to avoid inbox ads.

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If you use Microsoft Outlook on iOS or Android, you’ve probably noticed more ads in your ‘Other’ tab or your inbox.

Other users have reported the same and have left poor one-star reviews to register their displeasure over the new development.

Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft’s spokesperson, Caitlin Roulston said, “For free users of Outlook, ads are shown in their inbox and they can choose to enable the ‘Focused inbox’ feature if they would like to see ads only in the ‘Other’ inbox.”

More and more ads in the Microsoft Outlook app

While using the Microsoft Outlook app, you can choose a single inbox for all your messages or split it into ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’ folders. More ads are also being cited in the Office app for Android.

Previously, ads were only shown in the ‘Other’ inbox for free users. But, for the last couple of months, ads have started appearing in the single inbox.

The easiest way to escape these ads is to become a paid Microsoft 365 subscriber. Alternatively, you can choose the two inbox options and move all your important stuff to the ‘Focused’ folder. Argh!

Ads everywhere

Image: Unsplash

Microsoft, which only recently released Outlook Lite, has come under heavy attacks over its new ad practices.

More annoying is the fact that the Outlook ads resemble regular emails. Plus, when you delete them, more resurface to take their place.

From app stores to social media, users are complaining and saying no to more Microsoft Outlook ads in their inboxes.

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