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iOS 16 beta brings back the battery percentage icon

The feature has been requested for years, but its revival has issues.

screenshot of apple iphone showing the battery percentage in ios 16

We’re all excited about the release of iOS 16 this fall. The update features tons of improvements, and now we know that the battery percentage icon is coming back thanks to the latest iOS 16 beta release.

With the release of the fifth beta for iOS 16, Apple brought back the old-but-new-again toggle for battery percentages. The feature can be found in the Battery menu for those also in the beta.

Tapping on the new feature puts the battery percentage back on the status bar, with one minor annoyance.

That irritation? iPhone users are used to seeing the green shaded section of their battery icon change as the charge changes.

When you change it to show the percentage of charge, it doesn’t do that. Well, to be exact it doesn’t do anything until you get to 20 percent.

That’s confusing, especially since you can’t read the tiny battery percentage numbers at a quick glance. Sure, it beats having to swipe to open Control Center every time you want to see the actual charge percentage. It still sucks, just in a different way.

This is still the beta version of iOS 16 though, so maybe it’s a glitch or something that Apple can change before release. We really, really hope it’s something they can change, otherwise, we’re going back to the numberless battery icon.

iOS 16 is going to be packed with features. In addition to battery percentage, there’s also a tool to remove backgrounds in images, the ability to skip CAPTCHAs, and multiple improvements coming to iMessage.

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