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How to change app icons on iPhone

Bored by your home screen? You have options.

custom iphone ios 14 homescreen
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The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but typically, your homescreen is going to look very similar to other people’s homescreens. That’s what you need to know how to change app icons on iPhone.

Perhaps you don’t like the look of one particular icon. Maybe there are a few that deserve changing. Or perhaps all of the default icons sicken you to your core.

Whatever your level of loathing, Apple’s Shortcuts app is the solution. Let’s discuss how to change application icons on iPhone and other iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher.

How to change app icons on iPhone

If you are ready to make your iPhone your own, it’s time to dive in. Just a heads up before we start. This can be a time-consuming process, so buckle up.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app and press the Plus (+) button in the top right cornerios shortcuts home screen

  2. Tap Add Actionios shortcuts add screen

  3. Search for Open app and select it from the listios shortcuts search bar

  4. Tap the App button on the actionopen app shortcut

  5. Select an application whose icon you want to changeshortcuts app for changing icon

  6. Tap Open app in the top menu bar and give the shortcut a name that matches the relevant applicationhow to rename an app

  7. Then, tap the More options icon beside the name and select Add to Home Screenios shortcuts more options

  8. Tap the Shortcut icon and select Choose Photoios shortcuts icon menu

  9. Select the image you want to use for the icon and tap Chooseios shortcuts choose image

  10. Tap Add to complete the processios shortcuts complete

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Once you hit Add, the Shortcuts app will close automatically and take you to your home screen where the new icon should appear. From here, you’re free to move the shortcut to wherever you want it to be.

To avoid confusion, you may also want to move the actual application somewhere out of sight.

Use new app icons to personalize your iPhone

Once you know how to change your iOS app icons, you can use pretty much any image as a replacement.

If you want something slick, you can find professionally-designed icons online or create your own.

If, however, you want something a little more personalized, you could snap photos of your friends and attach their mug shots to the apps that best represent them.

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