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How to convert screenshots from PNG to JPEG on iPhone

If you prefer the smaller file sizes of JPEG images, you’ll want to check out this guide.

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When you take a screenshot on your iPhone, the image saves as a PNG. However, in some cases, you may prefer to convert screenshots from PNG into JPEG on iPhone, which sacrifices some quality for better compression.

Although you can change the format of snapped photos in your camera settings, a similar option for screenshots doesn’t exist. Luckily, some nifty workarounds can help with the conversion.

Let’s discuss how to save screenshots as JPEGs on an iPhone or other iOS device.

Crop a screenshot to convert it from PNG to JPEG on iPhone

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Image: KnowTechie

When you crop a screenshot on your iOS device, the edited version saves in JPEG format instead of PNG. Therefore, cropping an image is one of the quickest ways to perform a conversion.

To convert the file, you don’t need to cut out a major chunk. Simply cropping a small amount of the image and saving the changes is enough to create a JPEG. Once you’ve used crop to convert, you’re free to send or share the file wherever you please.

AirDrop a screenshot to convert it to JPEG

Generally, using AirDrop to send an image doesn’t change the file’s format. However, if you perform the action immediately after taking a screenshot, the sent item will convert to JPEG. The trick is to perform the action at the first possible opportunity.

Here’s how to convert a PNG screenshot to JPEG using AirDrop on iOS:

  1. Take a screenshot and tap the Preview thumbnail when it appearsiphone screenshot preview on screen

  2. Tap the Share buttoniphone share icon on screenshot screen

  3. Select AirDrop and complete the sending processiphone airdrop share button

When the item arrives at its destination, the image will have shed its old identity as a PNG and become a proud JPEG. If you accidentally hit Done before using AirDrop, you’ll have missed your chance to convert the file. In which case, you may want to use one of the other methods mentioned.

Use an online app to convert a screenshot from PNG to JPEG

cloudconvert program on ios
Image: KnowTechie

If you’d prefer to perform a clean conversion without relying on cropping tricks and instant AirDrops, a third-party app may be the best solution.

While several options exist, CloudConvert is a worthy web tool when it comes to converting files. Whether you’re working with images, audio, spreadsheets, or other common items, the online interface works well in most common browsers.

Choosing the best screenshot format for iPhone

If you’re sharing images online and quality isn’t a concern, converting to JPEG makes sense. Better compression reduces file sizes, which speeds up the sending process, consumes less data, and demands less storage.

If, however, size isn’t an issue and you want to preserve quality, PNG is the superior choice. But perhaps neither of the formats discussed is exactly what you’re looking for.

In which case, an online—or even a downloadable—image conversion app can help you convert those files into a more exotic format.

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