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The Microwear L1 sportswatch is the coolest accessory for an athletic junkie

The perfect accessory for a professional athlete.

microwear l1

Microwear is widely-known for manufacturing creative products. Continuing this saga is their newest creation- Microwear L1- an extra durable sports smartwatch.

After years of research, the product design team at Microwear came up with L1 that integrates multi-functional features that are basically used by today’s professional athletes and other sports enthusiasts. Some of these features include gravity sensor, air pressure, altitude and temperature sensor, heart rate tracker, calorie counter, health report along with several modes of exercise and movement.

The smart gravity sensor can automatically detect your physical movements. That is, the sensor notifies Microwear L1 whether you are walking, jogging, cycling. It uses the smart GPS to auto-track your path as well. Besides keeping an eye on your health, you will also be reported on the distance traveled, calories lost or consumed with utmost precision. You can sync L1 watch with a number of smartphone applications for iOS and Android.


Microwear L1

Apart from the sleek look, the Microwear L1 comes in four different sporty colors- black, silver, rose gold, and red.



Microwear L1

A touch-enabled 1.3-inch 240*240 resolution with Gorilla Glass LCD IPS rounded HD display.


The CPU within L1 is MTK2503 and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Since Microwear L1 sports watch is created for multi-activity usage, it has a 32MB RAM and 128MB ROM storage with the possibility to expand up to 64GB using an external memory card.

Media compatibility and Camera:

It also has a dedicated Nano SIM card slot and accepts media formats in JPEG, MP3, MP4, and AVI. The camera, however, is 0.3MP.


The built-in battery is 380 mAh Lithium-ion that has a standby time of 3 to 5 days. When fully charged, you can use GPS for over 3 hours and make a voice call for at least a couple hours. You can charge L1 using a USB cable provided within the package.

Other special features:

Microwear L1 is meticulously designed to work even during your sleep. This is because proper sleep is important for an athlete. Everything counts when you’re in training- sleep and wake patterns, diet and calorie or fat intake, alarm to wake you up in the morning for the warm-up session.

Microwear L1


Moreover, L1 is versatile due to the fact that it supports several international languages. You also have a Bluetooth (V3 & V4), text messaging- sending & receiving, have access to your phone book and call logs. Although it lacks connectivity to Wi-Fi, you can still access the internet over 2G network.


Overall, L1 is the ultimate solution to all your health problems. If you are contemplating to adopt a healthier lifestyle but need some motivation, you can rely on Microwear L1 to note your progress.

Where to buy?

Microwear L1 is the technological marvel that comes at a very affordable price of $47.99 with looks that you can flaunt. It’s available at GearBest with free shipping worldwide.

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