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Minecraft is officially named the most streamed video game on YouTube

It’s been set in stone. Minecraft is officially the most streamed game on YouTube, according to the company. See who else topped the list here.


Finally, we can settle the argument of which game gets streamed the most on YouTube. The company announced on Wednesday that Minecraft, the highly addictive game popular throughout many gaming circles is the most-watched video game of all time since YouTube’s launch–ten years ago.

To paint a picture of how many Minecraft videos are being streamed on the popular video streaming giant, it’s about 42 million videos to be exact. To add injury to insult, “Minecraft” is the second-highest search term on the website beating out phrases like “funny cat videos” and “fail.” Should we be concerned?

To commemorate YouTube’s 10th anniversary, the company revealed a list of the 10 most streamed video game since the company’s launch in 2005.

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s global head of gaming content told the Washington Post in a recent report:

“It’s funny that a lot of the titles on the list tie in with the theme of open imagination and entertainment.”

Here’s the complete list of the 10 most popular games streaming on YouTube:

  1. “Minecraft”
  2. “Grand Theft Auto”
  3. “League of Legends”
  4. “Call of Duty”
  5. “FIFA”
  6. “Garry’s Mod”
  7. “The Sims”
  8. “Five Nights at Freddy’s”
  9. “Puzzles & Dragon”
  10. “Dota 2”

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