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MoviePass is offering their annual plan at a discounted price now

One movie a day for $7.50 a month. Not bad.

Image: MoviePass

Subscription services are the way of the future, and MoviePass is looking to beef up their member numbers. Announced on Friday, new MoviePass members will receive a monthly discount offer.

For a limited amount of time, new members who subscribe to MoviePass’ service for a year will be charged $6.95 and a one-time $6.55 processing fee. Typically, new members are charged $7.50 monthly. If you are interested, now would be a good time to hop on this offer. MoviePass offers deals similar to this, but not often. With MoviePass, you can see one film a day at participating theaters.

MoviePass’ CEO, Mitch Lowe, is predicting that there will be 5 million MoviePass members by the end of the year. MoviePass ended February at around 2 million members.

Along with the announcement of the new member deal, MoviePass listed off some numbers to support their service. So far, the company claims that MoviePass members claimed 17% of the box office for “Annihilation,” 10% for “Every Day,” and 9% for Fox’s latest “Love, Simon.” MoviePass also told Business Insider that the company purchased over 1 million tickets for “Black Panther.”

I don’t go to the movies often, as it is costly, but this service would be a great substitution. It usually costs me around $30 to see a movie with another person, but with this deal, it would cost a single movie half that. Parents might want to consider this deal as Summer is approaching.

How do you feel about MoviePass? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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