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This new Android app helps fight off credit card skimmers at ATM’s and gas pumps

Stop your personal information from being sold with a free app.

Gas stations and ATM’s are often wary about credit card skimming devices, which send inserted credit card’s information into the skimmers owners hands. However, there is now an Android app available that is helping to fight off skimmers, Skim Plus.

All gas pumps throughout the United States are expected to get chip readers, but that isn’t supposed to complete until 2020. For now, worried customers and small business owners can rely on Skim Plus. Skim Plus detects Bluetooth devices within the area and tells you which devices are which. For instance, if you scan your local bank’s ATM, it may pick up cell phones, but Skim Plus will tell you which is what. If you happen to find a skimming device, the app pins the location as tells other users. You should also be sure to let the gas station attendant or business owner about your findings.

The man behind the app is from Flordia, and Flordia is one of the hottest places (no pun intended) for card skimmers. In 2016 alone, the state found over 500 skimmers. The team worked with the FBI and Flordia County Weights and Measures Inspectors to build information for the app. Because of the research put into the app, different counties across the states are using the app as a way to fight against skimmers.

You can download the app for free on Android devices.

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