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New innovations in sportswear technology to revolutionize the world

Sportswear technology has come a long way and in the next decade, it is expected to advance even further. 

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Go to YouTube and watch a game from the FIFA World Cup 1994 and you will see 22 players running around a soccer pitch in loose-fitting kits that absorb mass amounts of sweat thus making the jersey heavier as the game wears on. Soccer is just one example of the sportswear that athletes once wore that is now obsolete.

In the last 20 years, sportswear from professional athlete quality down to the items worn by average Joes at your local gym has changed greatly. New technology has advanced sportswear from sweat and odor soaking cotton to materials now made from recycled water bottles. Sportswear technology has come a long way and in the next decade, it is expected to advance even further. 

4D Printing

GRDXKN (aka Grid Skin) aims to develop sportswear that will protect the body during an accident. Imagine falling off of your bicycle as you hurtle down a mountain cycling path or fall of your skateboard trying to grind a rail. Normally your skin would be cut up and bruised, however, GRDXKN technology would prevent this from occurring. 

GRDXKN is using a 4D printing process that cross-links polygons of polyurethane. These are then thermoformed creating a 3D structure. The materials would be stitched on the inside of an individual’s clothing preventing cuts and scrapes during a fall. GRDXKN is still working on the patenting process right now but could roll out the sportswear tech soon. 

Advanced Product Information

Verisium initially built a product known as NFC Chips to prevent counterfeit clothing from being passed off as authentic items. The amount of confederate sportswear that is sold thanks to the Internet is astounding and NFC Chips were created to stop the sale of these items. 

However, Verisium has discovered a new way to use NFC Chips. The company has made the chips capable of interacting with smartphones and give users more information about the brand, manufacturer or clothing item. It is similar to a QR Code for clothing. More importantly, the clothing chips allow the manufacturer and brand to have direct contact with the individual wearing their product. 

Data Collecting

The last five years have seen sports wearables become a part of pop culture. Even major watch companies have jumped on the bandwagon and build their latest timepieces with some kind of sports tech innovation. Many of the watches produced today come standard with a step counter and heart rate monitor. 

Yet, sportswear tech company Omsignal has taken the wearable to the next level by putting a health data collecting device in clothing. The company designs sportswear, sleepwear, and workwear with built-in wearables to collect your health data throughout the day. The comfy clothing comes with “ECG, respiration and physical activity sensors” built-in. The water and sweat-resistant material can be used for 50 hours with being recharged. 

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