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New parents, Nested Bean has its weighted sleep clothing for up to 25% off on Black Friday weekend

Can you really put a price on sleep?

Nested bean clothing and weighted blankets for babies
Image: Nested Bean

Got a new addition to the family this year? Chances are you’re not getting enough sleep, but thanks to Nested Bean you might be on your way to a restful night. Science has proven that the touch of a parent helps their child sleep better. Nested Bean mimics that touch, with their specially-weighted sleep clothing for babies and toddlers, to help you all sleep better.

It’s pretty simple: Under that cute logo is a lightly weighted pad, which feels like your hand to a sleeping baby. Nifty.

Starting on Black Friday and lasting through the weekend, you can get up to 25% off everything Nested Bean makes (with the exception of the new Zen One swaddle). Now your little one will sleep better with the comforting sleepwear, and you’ll sleep better knowing your wallet isn’t crying.

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