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How nicknames let you reach contacts faster on Google Now and Siri

This simple little trick will show you how to use nicknames with Siri and Google Now to reach contacts faster.

Android calling

This simple little trick will show you how to use nicknames with Siri and Google Now to reach contacts faster.

Siri and Google Now are very popular programs that let you use your voice to access your contacts and call them when you want. Today, both services allow you to use nicknames instead of their real names so that you don’t have to speak a long-winded name in order to call someone. Instead, you can choose your own nicknames that can be set up on iOS or Android to make the process much easier.

Here’s how to get started:


In the Google app for Android users, go to the main menu and do the following;

  • Settings
  • Accounts & Privacy
  • Nicknames

From there, you can read the instructions to use this particular feature. All you really need to do is activate the voice commands and then speak, “Call Dad” and then show who Dad is in your contacts. You can also set the nickname manually by going to the Contacts app and then adding the appropriate information;

  • Edit
  • More Fields
  • Nickname

Remember, the nickname you choose should be clear enough for Google Now to discern so you can say “Call Dad” for example and it will be clear. However, if Google Now does not understand the nickname you have used, then you may have to activate the “Make a Call” button in order to actually make the connection.

Dad calling siri


Siri has advantages over Google Now and is easier to use thanks to the iOS system. Just say, “Call Dad” and Siri will ask who your Dad in the contact list is so that the connection will be made quickly. If what you use is not readily apparent to Siri, you may have to go into the Contacts App first, but in most cases Siri will walk you through the process in just seconds.

To add a nickname in manually, you will need to do the following;

  • Contacts
  • Edit
  • Add Field
  • Nickname

You’ll want to make the nickname as clear and understandable as possible which means it needs to sound different than other nicknames. Otherwise, you might find that Siri will dial up a business or other contact instead.

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