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Review: Orico portable battery charger – You’ll never run out of power again

Always find yourself running out of battery power? Well, it’s time to invest in a portable battery charger, and this one from Orico is a perfect fit.

Orico portable battery charger
Image: Amazon

Do you own a smartphone or tablet? If so, the chances are that you spend a significant portion of your day trying to locate a power socket so that you can plug in your devices for charging. Some even wonder, is the smartness and extensive features of the phone worth the somewhat undermined mobility of the phone? After all, they are too dependent on chargers and need to get charged twice or thrice a day to remain functional.

Thanks to portable power banks that are now available on the market, smartphones are not as frustrating as they once were. Via these products, you can now go anywhere without having to worry about finding a power socket. Now, all you need to do is plug in your USB port in the portable power bank, and you are ready to go. If such products interest you, you should give the Orico USB-C Type-C Portable External Battery/Power Bank a try.

High Power Capacity

Orico battery charger

Image: Amazon

This product has a power capacity of 10,000 mAh, which ensures that your devices charge at a faster rate than they do with standard chargers. This fast charging is achieved via the fact that it uses two batteries, which are lithium polymer in nature. Moreover, the power bank is equipped with an output port which is fast-charging in nature. These two features guarantee that your device will get powered up in no time.

The output power capacity that your devices will be exposed to is approximately 7,500 mAh, which is high enough to make sure the power bank does its job swiftly and low enough to guarantee that overcharging does not occur and there is sufficient power output left for a few more runs.

The enhanced power capacity of this product means that if you use it for your smartphones, your phone will charge four times more than their maximum capacity. You can also use this product to charge your iPads and tablets. However, such products will consume the entire output at once, so the power bank will need to be recharged.

Aesthetically Pleasant and Efficient Design

Orico charger

Image: Amazon

The manufacturers of this product have paid attention to the aesthetic needs of their customers. Since users crave for products which are pleasing to the eye while being functional, the Orico power bank has ensured that it satisfies this desire of the market.

This power bank has a glossy gray finish to it which gives it a look of sophistication and royalty. Moreover, rather than being bulky, this power bank is quite slim which serves to be a source of convenience while adding aesthetic value to the product. The former occurs because the compact design of the power bank makes it easy to keep in your front or back pocket with ease. Even if you plan on holding the product, the slim size makes it easy to handle.

The portability feature of this product is further strengthened by the light weight of the power bank which ensures that you can take it along with you wherever you go.


  • The product is equipped with a type-C input and output port and an extra type-A port for convenience
  • The power bank can successfully be used to charge Samsung, iPhones, and other devices which are supported by type-C ports
  • The power bank has the feature of automatic detection once the device is plugged into it
  • It is made from fireproof plastic and lens for added durability of the product
  • The product is equipped with features which ensure safety against voltage and current surges
  • The power bank is made of aluminum alloy which is known to withstand constant everyday use
  • The size of the product is 157 by 76 by 144 mm
  • It is equipped with an LED indicator
  • The package includes a power bank, a micro data cable and a user manual to make sure that users are well aware of how to use it


  • The power bank exhibits fast charging
  • The product is highly portable, which is convenient for customers
  • An 18-month warranty accompanies the product. Therefore, the product is marked by a lack of repair cost if damage to the battery does occur


  • The charging provided by the USB-C port is not as fast as it should be
  • There is no difference in the quality of output between USB-C and USB-A
  • Since the power bank is only meant for smartphones, it can only charge an iPad or a tablet once

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Orico portable battery charger

Customers have widely appreciated this product for its value-added features. Even though the product exhibits some flaws, users have been quick to overlook them.

Users believe that the pros of the product greatly outweigh the cons. It is because for the price demanded, the features of the power bank are justified. Therefore, the majority of customers believe that the product is worth the investment and succeeds in offering high quality.

All in all, this power bank has managed to provide its customers with value-added features. The enhanced power capacity and portability of the product has not been lost on users, who have lauded the manufacturers and the product for delivering an excellent market offer.

We are lucky enough to live in a time where all of our worries are efficiently dealt with. These concerns can be as trivial as looking for ways to ensure that your phone always has a respectable amount of charge in it. If you are looking for a solution to your constant worries regarding how and where to charge your phone, the Orico USB-C Type-C Portable External Battery/Power Bank will be a smart choice. It will not disappoint you.

Take this essential step in making sure that your phone is always charged and ready for the day. With the help of this power bank, you will be able to guarantee that your phone can be your constant companion. Let Orico help you. This power bank is what you need.

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The Good
Fast charging.
18-month warranty.
The Bad
The charging provided by the USB-C port is not as fast as it should be
No difference in the quality of output between USB-C and USB-A
Can only charge an iPad or a tablet once
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