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Over 7 million Robinhood users had their information exposed – here’s what to know

While most of the information obtained was email addresses and names, a small subset of users had more sensitive data revealed.

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Robinhood, the stock trading app that has continued to gain traction over the past few years, was the target of a breach recently that resulted in millions of people having their private information exposed and collected.

According to a new blog post from the company, approximately 5 million users had their email addresses exposed. Another group of two million users had their full names exposed.

Finally, for a small group of users, approximately 310, more sensitive information was obtained by the intruder. This includes “name, date of birth, and zip code” and then, for 10 of those 300, “more extensive account details” were obtained.

Robinhood states it is currently in the process of contacting anyone affected by the breach. The company is already in contact with law enforcement and is now working with Mandiant, a security firm.

So, how was an intruder able to get around Robinhood’s security? According to Robinhood, they obtained access by tricking a customer support employee into giving over information that allowed them access to certain customer support systems.

While the hacker didn’t gain access to any accounts (this time), this is probably a good reminder to update weak passwords and to set up two-factor authentication to give yourself an extra layer of protection.

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