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T-Mobile’s security is shit according to the hacker that breached its servers

The 21-year-old was able to get in through an unsecured router.

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Last week, T-Mobile became the target of a massive data breach that we now know targeted more than 50 million individuals. Information stolen included social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, birthdays, and much more. Now, the hacker claiming responsibility has spoken up, saying that the company’s cybersecurity is “awful.”

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, a man going by the name John Binns claimed responsibility for the attack. Binns is a 21-year-old American citizen who moved to Turkey a few years ago.

Binns, who has gone by several online aliases including IRDev and v0rtex, says he was able to breach T-Mobile’s security by finding an unsecured router connected to the company’s network. He used that router to hack into the company’s data center in East Wenatchee, Washington, where he was then able to use stored credentials to gain access to more than 100 servers.

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“I was panicking because I had access to something big. Their security is awful,” Binns told The Wall Street Journal. What’s even worse is that many of the individuals affected by this breach weren’t actually T-Mobile customers, but instead just prospective customers.

Binns failed to disclose whether or not he would be selling the information he stole and the article mentioned above mentions other motives for the breach, so it is still unclear what will happen as a result of the hack. One thing is certain, however. T-Mobile needs to seriously examine its security measures.

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