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T-Mobile 5G is crushing Verizon and AT&T, study finds

The network is faster and more reliable than competitors.

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The race for 5G superiority is in full swing and all of the major players already have their feet in the door.

A recent study looks at the 5G network capabilities from the three biggest mobile networks in the US: T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

So far, it seems that T-Mobile is leaving everyone in the dust as this study shows the mobile carrier as the clear winner of the 5G race.

According to new data from PCMag, T-Mobile is the provider that has built the most impressive 5G network to date.

Out of the three major players, T-Mobile is by far the fastest. In fact, it is the only company out of the three that has a 5G network that is consistently faster than 4G.

The study took speed tests from 30 different cities and six various rural locations. Of those locations, T-Mobile’s network maintained the fastest average speed in 24 locations, while AT&T won eight locations, and Verizon won just two. A couple of the locations were so close that they counted as ties.

Take a look at the specific winners and neighborhood testing locations for each of the cities conducted in PCMag’s testing below:

T-Mobile’s network maintains brings 5G to more than 160 million people and maintains speeds of more than 150Mbps on average. Verizon technically has the highest speed capabilities right now, reaching nearly 2Gbps in some places, though its coverage is much more spotty.

Of course, the 5G race has really only just begun, and there’s plenty of time for the other networks to catch up with T-Mobile. The company had a pretty significant advantage after acquiring Sprint last year. Let’s see if it can keep up the momentum and maintain its position as king of 5G.

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