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Sprint is now T-Mobile – here’s what to expect in the months ahead

Don’t expect to see the improved coverage areas quite yet, though.

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Earlier this year, the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was completed, and now we are starting to get a better idea of what to expect. For one, the company will be completely adopting the T-Mobile branding.

According to T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, the plan has always been to start making the consumer transition during the summer of 2020. COVID-19 has caused some delays, pushing things back just a bit, but expect to see current Sprint stores changing signage late summer, possibly early August, according to one report. Sprint customers can also expect their bills to start showing T-Mobile branding around this time as well.

That said, it could be years before current Sprint customers see any changes to their actual devices. This includes little things like banner branding and bigger, actually important things, like coverage areas and plans. T-Mobile has stated that Sprint customers can keep their current plans for now and that plans would not be changing or going up in cost for at least the next three years.

In regards to coverage areas, eventually, current Sprint and T-Mobile customers will get expanded coverage due to the merger, with coverage that extends to 99% of the US population. That could take up to three years, however. 5G is also included in the news, with 5G speeds reaching 90% of the population within six years.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how this T-Mobile and Sprint merger plays out in the months ahead. Currently, Verizon and AT&T dominate the telecom landscape in the US, but this merger will definitely help make the new and improved T-Mobile more competitive.

What do you think? Excited for the merger or are you considered about your current plan and what it could mean for the future? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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